We endeavour to be a dynamic and innovative learning community, striving to create an environment to meet the diverse needs of all students, encouraging them to see themselves as part of a global community.

Principal’s Message

A welcome message from our Principal, Mr Darren Atkinson.

Ignite the Fire of Learning

Aquinas students are encouraged to understand themselves as learners so they may reach their full potential.

Vision & Mission

Within our Catholic Identity, the College reflects the life, work and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Aquinas SAM Project

Stay up to date with the Aquinas Sports and Multifunctional (SAM) Project

Global Citizenship

Our students are encouraged to see themselves as global citizens with the capability to see the world from multiple perspectives.

“Aquinas College wants every student to succeed as a resilient, independent learner who feels like they belong in our community. We connect pastoral care with learning because we understand students who feel safe at school are inclined to learn more successfully.”
Darren Atkinson, Principal