Friday, 01 Apr 2022

Lighthouse #5, 2022

In addition to our comprehensive classroom learning program, there have been a number of activities...

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Friday, 18 Mar 2022

Lighthouse #4, 2022

The athletes were supported by some rousing cheer squads with Dominic House winning on the...

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Friday, 04 Mar 2022

Lighthouse #3, 2022

 On Tuesday we conducted two Opening Masses and Assemblies, welcoming our newest members of our...

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Friday, 18 Feb 2022

Lighthouse #2, 2022

I’ve had the great pleasure this week to join with the Year 9 Dominic Team...

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Friday, 04 Feb 2022

Lighthouse #1, 2022

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of The Lighthouse...

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