Friday, 17 Feb 2023

Lighthouse #2, 2023

It's great to see our students excited about being back at school and ready to...

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Friday, 03 Feb 2023

Lighthouse #1, 2023

Of course, we welcome most heartily all students new to Aquinas, especially those who join...

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Friday, 02 Dec 2022

Lighthouse #17, 2022

My thanks to the efforts of all members of our community for maintaining great energy...

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Friday, 18 Nov 2022

Lighthouse #16, 2022

It was a pleasure to join the families, students and staff yesterday to celebrate the...

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Friday, 09 Sept 2022

Lighthouse #15, 2022

 I would also like to offer my heartfelt thanks to staff for their efforts to...

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Friday, 26 Aug 2022

Lighthouse #14, 2022

While our Senior Concert Band, Senior Choir Acapella and Junior Concert bands came home with...

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Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Lighthouse #13, 2022

Our guest speaker discussed the theme “Beauty, Reason, and Justice in a Time of Pandemic”. We...

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Friday, 29 July 2022

Lighthouse #12, 2022

It is clear from the data and our own personal experiences that we are in...

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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Aquinas students awarded Premier's VCE...

Aquinas College is honoured to have two of our students recognised with a Premier’s...

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